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Countertop and Cabinet Design for Condos

Specialty Cabinet Designs for Your Condo

Whether you’ve just bought your condo or you’re giving it a new look, the pros at Designer’s Choice can help you or your contractor achieve the look you want with the functionality you need. Our experts work with owners, designers, and contractors alike to ensure that your finished product is just what you’ve been looking for.

Half Cabinet Installation

How Can You Renovate a Condo Kitchen?

According to contractors and interior designers, one of the biggest challenges of condo renovation is finding/keeping much needed space. The Designers Choice team can provide multiple custom countertop and cabinet designs that create space, even in the most compact condos.

  • Pull-Out Cabinets
  • Lazy Susans
  • Pull-Out Countertop Shelves
  • Half Cabinets
  • Built-In and Bench Cabinets

Your Condo Cabinet and Countertop Experts

When you need a knowledgeable team with the know-how to deliver quality, functional cabinets and countertops for your condo rennovation, call the Designers Choice Kitchen pros first. Our experts can provide safe and functional spaces for your Condo. Contact us today to begin your custom countertop and cabinetry design.

Cabinet Design and Countertop Makeover Tips

Whether you’re using a contractor or rennovating your condo yourself, it’s important to consider the currently utilized space as well as any potential space. This can include hallway cabinet installation, closet cabinetry, or even a newly built pantry.

Using both upper and lower cabinet sets can not only provide more storage, but can also create more depth and detail for your small space, making it appear larger. A modern, simple style cabinet will take this trick even further!


Hallways, Bedrooms, and Other Unusual Cabinet Spaces

In a condo, space is always a concern. Our team can provide new potential space ideas such as hallway cabinets, in-laid shelving, and even bench cabinet designs. Paired with a multitude of materials, these space-savers can bring style and panache to just about any space.

As a contractor, you need a cabinetry team that can provide the product you’re looking for quickly and accurately. You can count on the Designers Choice experts to install your cabinets and countertops correctly the first time. Our professionals are experienced in ADA requirements as well as fire and safety requirements, so you don’t need to worry about providing extra supervision during your project. When you need an expert cabinetry team for your project, call the Designers Choice pros first.

Your Condo Cabinet and Countertop Experts

When it’s time for new cabinets and countertops in your Dallas condo, call the Designers Choice experts first. We provide the style you want with the functionality you’re looking for. Find out how simple new cabinet installation can be when you contact our professionals!

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